Pick-by-Light Connection to SIMATIC S7

With our pick-by-light solutions, we are breaking new ground in intralogistics, manufacturing and assembly. This applies above all to the connection options to existing IT or control technology. Thanks to OpenAPI our devices provide an open interface that can be integrated into the surrounding system landscape via MQTT, http or TCP Socket.

Direct integration in Profinet landscapes, e.g. using a S7 PLC controller is possible.

In this way, sensors from the control world of complex industrial systems can directly control our pick-by-light specialist displays.

The video shows a proof of concept for control from a Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC of the 1500 series.

Atomizing data turns the Internet of Things (IoT) into industrial IoT (IIoT). Features for this are lean transmission protocols with the smallest possible amount of data.

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