New Horizons For Your Logistics And Assembly

Every journey starts with the first step.

That's similar to what Laotse wrote over 2500 years ago. This phrase also applies to your way to Industry 4.0 or achieve to get a Smart Factory. It begins with tiny components as signaling and sensor units which electronically connect the real world of your factory to the virtual world of software.

The picture shows our active proximity sensor with infrared technology.

Such little electronic units can be equipped with different output modules:

  • One or more colored and individually controllable LEDs
  • Graphical OLED Display

Measured values ​​and data input can be carried out by different input modules:

  • Touch Sensor
  • Proximity sensor

The connection of up to 120 such I/O units to the company IT or employee smart phone is made via a control unit in beer mat format with open interfaces:

  • http(s)
  • Websocket
  • MQTT
  • Bluetooth

Now the question arises, what can one do with it all.
You know the best answer yourself!
Formulate your vision of the factory of the future.
We can then implement it.

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