8 Steps for your Industry 4.0 solution


Describe your optimization idea

Whether classic pick-by-light, put-by-light or assemble-by-light®. In cooperation with you we design your desired process. Or is it supposed to be an advanced multi-order picking? Our flexible software covers all possibilities. Including the extensive integration options with order or ERP systems.


Send us pictures of your shelves / assembly workstation

Or don't you have any shelves? Is it a steel box stand? Or do you need a mobile picking solution?
Is it about a mounting station, even micro-assembly with very small compartments?
The flexibility of our mounting concept enables solutions for all these special cases.


On-site analysis

If the situation is unclear, or simply if you want to experience our system live, then we are happy to come to your location. Our system is so small that we can build a demonstration on your desk within 5 minutes - one power outlet is enough. The minimal dimensions allow life presentations anywhere - and without much effort.



With the help of our product configurator, we calculate how many control units and I/O units of which type you need, also the complete internal and external wiring, as well as the configuration of the equipment required, and at what price we can offer for the complete package.



After receiving your order, production and preconfiguration of the devices start immediately.



Delivery will be made directly to your location. The documentation with software manual as well as the detailed assembly instructions are delivered electronically. The delivery includes all necessary ECUs, power supplies, I/O units, fasteners, aluminum covers and end caps, complete internal and external wiring, suitable brackets for your shelving system, mounting aids, tools, etc.


Setup and Go-Life

The installation of the equipment is done by you, which saves costs and is easy to do on the basis of the detailed illustrated instructions on your own.

This is followed by the optional connection to your network.
We have already made the basic configuration of the control unit from the factory, so that at the most no additional adjustments have yet to be made.
This is done via the web application of the controller.
Finally, the material numbers, parts lists and, if necessary, photos can be loaded into the control unit - only if no external remote control is provided.


Operation and Support

When your system is operational, you will continue to be supported by us. The control unit's administration app will detect if software updates are available on request and can then install them automatically. The software is constantly being improved and supplemented with additional features. The offered software maintenance contract covers this service.
If a bracket breaks or a cable is torn off, contact our customer service for replacement.