By using state-of-the-art electronics in combination with a clever software, we were able to develop a system of coordinated components which, with minimal effort, create highly flexible solutions for order picking and assembly.
Some features of the solution are as follows:

  • Control unit with ARM Cortex processor, which is also used in powerful smart phones
  • Controller with minimum dimensions (12 x 12 x 3 cm) for up to 120 I/O units
  • Extremely energy-efficient design
  • Sandwich construction with proven standard components
  • Graphical OLED display for displaying quantities and texts
  • Minimal size I/O units (9 x 2 x 2 cm)
  • LED technology with electronic sensors instead of switches
  • Cabling in bus topology with standard network cables, therefore self-assembly
  • Several patent-protected procedures
  • Aluminum strips as housing, therefore shortenable in any dimensions
  • Flexible mounting options of the aluminum strips over a variety of holders on shelves, square or round tubes
  • Individual units floating freely
  • We design your individual fastening solution, we produce small series using our 3D printers

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