Multi Order Picking by LED Strips

At the LogiMAT 2019 we will be presenting our new solution "Multi-Order Picking with LED Strips" for the first time to the public.

Principle of Multi Order Picking

This solution provides a significant increase in efficiency over classic Pick by Light and Put to Light solutions. At the same time, costs can be reduced by using cheap LED strips.

Never again its necessary to rebuild anything on the shelf if the layout is changed as the LED strips cover the entire storage area. So the solution supports different sized bins by default.

Multiple workers can simultaneously take articles for different picking orders. LED strips of individually and separately controllable LEDs lead the respective worker to the storage location with the color of his "order" (Multi User Multi Order Picking).

A worker can also serve multiple jobs with different colors simultaneously (Single User Multi Order Picking).

The quantities to be withdrawn are displayed either on a tablet or handheld device. In doing so, only the data of his order appear for the registered user. Each worker has their own user master data record in which the order color is assigned for this worker.

Picking confirmation is also done on the tablet or handheld device.

This procedure can also be used for assembly processes "Multi Order Put by Light". Using a mobile scanner the filing order is entered. Then the associated storage location lights up in the orders color.

The comprehensive software on our ECU represents the complete logic. Through an open API. All processes can be remotely controlled via an external order system (such as SAP). Suitable SAP interfaces are available.

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