Use of infrared sensors for intervention detection with automatic confirmation in the pick-by-light process

With our new infrared sensors, interventions in the shelf can be reliably detected. Different colors signal incorrect interventions as well as correct removal or assembly. A Pick by Light process can be implemented via our software as follows:

  1. The Pick by Light process is started in the ERP/order system
  2. LEDs light up in green
  3. on the relevant compartment

  4. In the event of an incorrect intervention, LEDs in this compartment light up red
  5. The light goes out if you intervene in the correct compartment
  6. At the same time, the withdrawal is sent to the ERP/order system such as SAP as an automatic confirmation
  7. The process advances to the next compartment, whose LEDs light up

This means that manual confirmation has already taken place as a result of the intervention and further confirmation is not required.

In this way, ergonomic and at the same time rapid assembly and removal or assembly processes can be implemented.

The video shows sensor models with one or two infrared sensors (red dots). Thanks to a modular design, any number of sensors can be placed next to each other to ensure a wider uninterrupted monitoring area. In the example shown, models with 3 sensors would be more suitable.

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