Control of pick-by-light shelf displays made of LED strips with your own software is that easy

Our new I/O unit IO2245 has the appropriate intelligence to control up to 500 pixels in shelf displays made of LED strips. This means that several meters of rows of shelves can be equipped with pick-by-light functions.


Thanks to the special software and electronics, the IO2245 can be controlled very easily via TCP socket from any software application, even without a separate control unit.

We provide a demo application for Windows for testing purposes.

Alternatively, you can also use the Chrome extension TCP Debugger.

Simply send commands in JSON format to the I/O unit, e.g .:


This command causes the LEDs connected to this I/O unit with the numbers 123 to 125 to light up in intensities 10 red and 10 blue - this results in purple.

The colors can represent quantities or different picking orders for multi-order picking - there are no limits to your creativity.

In this way, your warehouse, your picking zones or your assembly workstations are upgraded at surprisingly low costs with a pick-by-light system. You can start very small with our solution, e.g. with a single shelf.

(We are happy to provide source code templates for control of the I/O units from numerous software environments).

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