Open interfaces

... are the key to integrating our solutions into existing IoT landscapes.


With two bus, one LAN and one USB interface, the system can be connected to corporate IT and integrated into existing systems.

A maximum of 60 I/O units per bus are connected to our controller via a standard network cable like a string of pearls. The maximum distance tested is currently 50m.

An optional handheld scanner can be connected to the control unit via USB.

The controller connects to a standard router via a LAN or USB wireless connection.

This can optionally be connected to the company network, PCs, mobile devices and/or the Internet (for example for software updates).


All system processes can be remotely controlled via a secure web interface via your order or ERP system. Likewise, any change of state, e.g. by sending a touch or proximity sensor via a websocket message to registered recipients.
In this way, we have already implemented various SAP connections to our solutions. This goes so far that even the complete remote control of our pick-by-light system from SAP is possible.
By using standard protocols, this not only comes from SAP, but from any other order system with a network connection in your Industrie 4.0 landscape.


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